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2018 Jamboree Schedule, Rules & gate fees.

2018 MBYFL Jamboree schedule

*Gate fee for jamboree:
Adults $7.00
Seniors $5.00  (65 & up)
Children $3.00 (3-12)
*Gate will open for Spectators at 8:00 a.m.
*All spectators MUST enter & park though Main entrance (please make sure to let parents know this)
*No Outside food or Drinks allowed
*No Ice chest allowed 
*No Ez-up or Umbrellas allowed (stadium policy)
*No seeds alloweed
*No colored drinks allowed for players on the field
*If you are providing a team snack please send it with the players before they enter the stadium. It’s a busy day and crowded at times too so we have limited space to allow teams to set up for team snacks.
*All coaches on field must have Field Pass present.
*No parents are allowed in weigh-in area.